The Trailer Inn

Posted by Rebecca

Late last night I got home from Bend, Oregon.  Bend was my home for 9 years and I went back for a friend’s wedding.  I try to get back at least once a year to visit the town and my friends.  It was a great weekend road trip filled with so many people who I love.  It wasn’t even dampened by my eventful drive home, which consisted of: a tire blow-out in the middle of nowhere ~ changing my very first flat with the help of a good Samaritan on her way home from work ~ $760.00 worth of new tires ~ a close call with a several-point buck ~ Burning Man traffic ~ the realization that 5 Hour Energy only lasts for 3 on me ~ a raw tongue from dill pickle sunflower seeds (they keep you awake while driving – just try it) ~ a missed hair appointment ~ a bad case of intestinal distress ~ and a farting dog.  All in all the drive that normally takes about 6 1/2 hours took closer to 9.

But now I’m home and safe, and I needed new tires anyways. 

In a few hours from now I’m picking up my cousin, George, who is visiting North America for the first time.  He lives in Australia.  He’s spent the last few weeks up north with my dad and brother, wandering around the Canadian Rockies and elsewhere.  I’m really excited for his visit because in his 21 years of life, we’ve only ever spent 4 days together, when I visited Australia in ’07.  And so the trailer is getting a house guest. 

I’ve had house guests before, but one was Dannica and we are like sisters.  So the small space was fine.  The other was my sis-in-law, Sierra.  But again, we’re just like real sisters.  So this time it’s a little different. 

My biggest concern is privacy.  When I got the trailer I knocked down the wall separating the bathroom from the dinky little hallway.  It didn’t make sense to have those spaces divided, and removing the wall opened the space nicely and gives me more of that spa-style feeling I wanted in my little powder room. 

However, that being said, it means my bathroom isn’t super private.  I have a pocket door that separates the kitchen from the bathroom, but nothing separating the bathroom from the bedroom.  So I used a tension rod and put up some cool teal curtains that I got from Ikea to divide the two.  Hopefully that will do the trick.  We’ll see.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Four days after George leaves, 2 of my girlfriends are visiting from Canada.  One of them I haven’t seen in over 11 years.  I’m super excited, and I’m sure the cozy accommodations will be very conducive to our catching up.  Then a few weeks later, George’s brother, Oliver, is coming for a few days.  Oliver and I have lived together before, so the close quarters should be fine.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks.  But that’s just how I like it.  And The Trailer Inn is officially in business.

My souvenir magnet from Bend.

The beautiful desert.  On the road between Reno and Bend.

Rebecca Knabe


Manny’s Home Sweet Home

Posted by Tanille

Well Manny is finally getting settled and life seems to be calming down for us, at least today.  Not everything is done in his trailer but it’s definitely livable, he’s pretty comfortable, and we are taking the weekend off.  Enjoy the pics!

Kitchen Before.  Remember the Pepto – Pink!

Kitchen in the works. . .

Kitchen After

Bathroom Before

And after

Living Room Before

Getting There. . .


Bedroom Before

And After.  The painting didn’t get finished, but at the beginning of this day the room didn’t have drywall.

This was a challenge because I was decorating for someone else this time, and there are things that I would have liked to have done differently.  When I would ask him what he wanted in his new little house he didn’t get me much feedback. Except it had to be cheap, and his favorite color is brown.  Sooo. . . this is what he got and he’s actually happy with it.  It also had to be wheelchair accessible.  Normally I wouldn’t put all of the furniture against the walls, but I had no choice.  Once again, we were able to find a lot of materials from Habitat for Humanity and craigslist.  So overall, it was pretty cheap.

One More.  The outside before.

And After.

– Tanille Leal



I Heart Trailers

Posted by Rebecca

And I heart trailer artwork.  Especially this little number:


My friend Erica texted this to me the other day, so I don’t know who did this or where it came from.  If you have any idea, let me know, because I’d love to give them kudos for the super cute pic.

Rebecca Knabe

P.S. I know it says “Lisa Jane Smith” in the background, but my googling research only came up with the Vampire Diary’s writer, and unless she also has a kitschy pink trailer side, it probably wasn’t her….

I’ve Survived!

Posted by Tanille

Hellllooooo!  I’m back in the land of the living!  Whew.  What a crazy month it has been.  Well, we have done it.  We now have 2 trailers under our belt.  And we are still married.  Yay!!  Now we are learning to be caregivers for James’ father.  It’s an entirely new ballgame and difficult for everyone, but we will get the hang of it. I’m going to to take a day or two to “lick my wounds” and then post some ‘after’ pics this weekend.  Thanks for everyone’s kind words and support.

-Tanille Leal

Trailer for Sale

Posted by Rebecca

The amazing Bonnie and her family (read more about Bonnie here) have decided to sell their super-awesome trailer.  Here are the details:


And these pics don’t do it justice.  It’s a must-see!

P.S.  As soon as their place sells I will be in the market for a new washer and dryer (apartment sized, stackable) OR a new laundry service.  Let me know if you can help!!  : )

Rebecca Knabe

Happy Homecoming, Manny

Posted by Rebecca

If you’ve been wondering where Tanille is lately, she’s been a million miles away and right next door. 

If you remember, James and Tanille have been working on a trailer for James’ father, Manny, who recently had a debilitating stroke.  Remember the pepto pink kitchen, and the bedroom with the 3 blade ceiling fan?  Yep, that place.  Well, one week ago, James and Tanille got word that Manny’s insurance coverage was about to come to an end, and it would be time for Manny to come home.  Yikes!!  One week ago the drywall was up, but not taped, in the front half of the trailer, and the back half still had no drywall at all.  So the last week has been a frantic race.  She’s been a million miles away, focused solely on Manny’s new home, and she’s been right next door because Manny is my new neighbor. 

Insulation, drywall, tile, fixtures, plumbing, floors, paint, electrical, decorating…. 

Tonight James left the trailer at 8:20 to pick up Manny.  And the rest of us ran around like maniacs to get everything in order.  Everything had to look perfect!  We all know how very important first impressions are!  It didn’t matter that we couldn’t find the TV cord, so it had no power, or that we had shoved all the tools in the laundry room and then pinned a sheet over the unfinished doorway.  The first impression was the only thing that mattered tonight.

And then we got the call – 5 minutes away.  We scrambled to wipe up the last speck of dust and straighten the towels and sheets.  Johnny Cash playing in the background, for the old cowboy that was about to see his new place for the first time.


As James wheeled his dad into his new home, there were smiles on both their faces.  A dad who was so proud of his new home and proud of his son that built it with blood, sweat and tears; and a son who could feel pride to bring his dad to a new home that was built just for him. 

Manny spoke a mountain of ‘Thank You’s’ but his face is what really expressed his appreciation.  He knew that his new home had been built for him with love.  And that was what really mattered, because that’s what made it home.

Manny, home, surrounded by love.  Inside pictures will come soon.  As soon as Tanille has had a chance to breathe.

Rebecca Knabe