Trailer Pick of the Day – Purple!

Posted by Rebecca

Tanille and I come across some colorful, cute, weird and wacky trailers and trailer parks.  There are a lot of trailers in Reno – in fact there’s a rumor out there that states Reno boasts the World Largest Trailer Park, according to Guinness.  I don’t know if that’s true, but Reno certainly has it’s fair share of trailer eye-candy.

So we are going to take pics here and there, and share them with you as the Trailer Pick of the Day (not every day, but some days).  Enjoy!!

This little purple number is fairly close to our park.  The swamp cooler is even accessorized with matching duct tape.  I’m guessing somebody loves purple, and really loves their purple trailer.

Rebecca Knabe


Weekend Project Continued

Posted by:  Tanille

We are almost there folks.  The floor is heating up to 82 degrees and the tile is mostly in.  We worked last night until we realized we were out of tile.  We are pretty close to a lot of our neighbors, but still not quite close enough to knock on their door at midnight to use the bathroom.  So we packed an overnight bag and headed to a local hotel.   One great thing about living in Reno is that locals get amazing specials sometimes and the nice front desk lady must have seen the exhaustion on our faces because she hooked us up with a jacuzzi suite.


Enough luxury.  Back to work.

– Tanille Leal

Weekend Project Fun!

Posted by:  Tanille

Ok, so not THAT fun, but the end-product will be amazing.  When we built the bathroom of our trailer we wired (with the help of an electrician  friend) the floor to have radiant heating.  We ran out of energy and funds at the time to complete this and ended up just putting in temporary vinyl flooring.  So, now we are ready.  We kissed our vinyl goodbye (more like a swift kick out the door) and are welcoming new tile and cozy toes 🙂

It’s taken some planning and deep thought – where better to collect your thoughts?

Will post more pics tomorrow of the progress:)

-Tanille Leal

A Touch of Class

Posted by Rebecca

You know how when you are camping, or especially when you are backpacking, your entire existence revolves around food and fires?  You spend your whole day building a fire, stoking the fire, getting wood for the fire, moving away from the smoke of the fire, trying to get the fire to go out so you can go to bed…; and preparing food, discussing food, chopping food, eating, lots of eating, cleaning up the food, putting the food away, and, if you’re like me, spending the entire night wondering if you did a good enough job of cleaning up and putting away because you’re pretty sure you just, GASP!, heard a bear!

Well it’s with that same kind of obsession and intensity that I have spent this winter trying to stay warm without breaking the bank.  Not easy since Reno is seeing one cold and dry winter so far.  I’ve been using more propane and electricity than I should.  And I’m still not warm.  I think about it, I dream about it, I talk about it – a lot.  I’m sure my friends are sick of hearing it.  But they get it and have responded with gifts in the form of blankets, robes and cozy pajamas.  I love my friends!

So this week I embarked on yet another endeavor to warm this place up.  I bought insulating plastic and a giant roll of duct tape, and went to town with the windows.  Have I mentioned that I have 18 windows in this place?…  That’s a lot of plastic and duct tape.  I am seriously adding a touch of class to this little trailer! 

Is it working?  Maybe.  I did have to watch a movie last night while wearing a toque (that’s a beanie to you American’s), but I also didn’t freeze solid.  And although the outside temperature dipped down to 11 degrees fahrenheit, the inside of my home maintained a balmy 60 degrees.  And this final attempt at insulation has to work because I’m out of ideas, short of carpeting the walls.  And unless you are Elvis, that is a tough decorating move to pull off.

I know I will get through this cold winter.  The days just started getting longer.  I know spring will be here soon.  Followed by another hot summer.  I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the whole thing.  Besides, I’m pretty sure the cold builds character.  And who can’t help but smile during these sunny (although frigid) winter days?

And speaking of smiling, it made me pretty happy to find a reason to pull out my zebra-print duct tape.  Because, in case you hadn’t heard, animal print is really in right now….

Rebecca Knabe

Good Morning

Posted by Rebecca

Good morning, Reno!  And everywhere else.  It was a beautiful sunrise today.  Did you see it?  Mid-morning now, and it’s still cold, but it’s sunny and clear.  Another stunning day here in the Northern Nevada desert. 

Have a great day!!

Rebecca Knabe


The Spite House

Posted by Rebecca

The skinniest house in Boston, MA is the Spite House on Hull Street.  It’s nearly a trailer-sized dwelling – 10 1/2 feet wide at its widest, 6 1/2 feet wide at its narrowist and 30 feet long.  Not quite trailer height, however, as the Boston home is 3 or 4 levels high, but you get the point. 

My uncle, cousin and I strolled past the home when I was in Boston in March 2010, and took a photo:

Apartment Therapy did a post on little this house this morning that featured a CNN interview with the owner of the home.  Check it out for more small space inspiration.

Boston’s Skinniest Dwelling: The 10 Foot Wide Spite House

Rebecca Knabe


Tackling the Closets

Posted by Rebecca

This weekend I tackled a project that has been in the back of my mind for months.  My bedroom closets. 

I have a surprisingly generous amount of closet space in my tiny home, especially for one person – an eight-foot wide full closet, and a six-foot wide half closet, in addition to 14 drawers.  More than enough room to house my concise wardrobe, but because it is also a catch-all for things like luggage, old photo albums, keepsakes, extra flooring and the vacuum cleaner, it was bulging at the seams.

I love clothes and shoes, but I work hard at only keeping items that I love and wear often.  When I moved into my trailer I eliminated more than half of my wardrobe.  And, believe it or not, it was liberating!  However, stuff continues to accumulate, and spaces fill up, and you suddenly find yourself with a disorganized kerfuffle. 

But this weekend I got it back under control and found a couple of amazing things that I had forgotten about; like some old framed photos that I love – my parents wedding portrait, a beautiful old picture of my grandmother and her sister, and a photograph of my grandfather and great-grandfather with Winston Churchill, when the three of them were business associates.  I also found my old teddy bear collection that includes two of my favorite childhood toys – my orange bear, Marmalade, and a wise old mouse in a dress, named Hunka-de-Munka-de-Moo.

Deep inside an old weathered box, I found a dress that my mom crocheted for me when I was a baby, and the bonnet that I used to wear to the beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where I lived until I was two.

A trip down memory lane was not expected, but it was a welcomed break to my organizing, cleaning and vacuuming.

A few hours later I felt lighter and content, pleased with the results of my project, and warm with happy memories of my childhood and my family.  And on top of all that, the realization that living in a trailer has given me the best shoe closet to date.  Ahhhhh, this is the life!

Rebecca Knabe