I Will Be Back Soon

Posted by Rebecca

I just wanted to check in, and let everyone know I’m still here.  I haven’t really been in the mood for writing much since Cassi died.  I’m trying to adjust to life without her.  She filled my home with such warmth and love, that it has left quite a void.

But I am doing ok.  I’m keeping busy and spending time with friends.  And I will be writing again soon.  🙂  Until then, here are some photos I’ve taken around town lately.  Enjoy.





Rebecca Knabe


A Sad Day

Posted by Rebecca

Yesterday I made the heartbreaking decision to have my sweet Cassi put to sleep.  Her cancer recently spread to her lymph nodes, and had become quite aggressive.

This past week has seen horrible loss and tragedy in the world, and I know this does not compare.  But Cassi was part of my world, and things aren’t going to be quite the same without her.


Thank you for spending your life with me, Cassi.  It’s been great!

Rebecca Knabe


Finding Room for House Guests in a Tiny Home

Posted by Rebecca

Entertaining, especially overnight guests, can be a real challenge in a small space.  But if you get creative and think outside the box, you can do it!

I love to entertain, and since all of my relatives, and some very close friends live far away, I want to be able to accommodate house guests from time to time.  So when I selected my trailer, I made sure it was one that had (or had the potential for) a “great room.”  A great room is when the living room, dining room, and kitchen are essentially all one area, maximizing space by eliminating walls and barriers that cut up space.  I really think trailers are best this way.  With the extremely narrow space you have to work with, the less dividing it up, the better!

Believe it or not, because of my great room, my place is great for entertaining up to about 20 guests at a time.  It’s cozy, but it works.

Overnight guests are a little trickier because I don’t have a door that divides my bathroom and bedroom.  I did put up a thick curtain that partitions off the bathroom area, and there is a door that divides the bathroom/bedroom area from the great room.  So with some organization and a laid-back attitude, it is a functional situation.

Here are some great tips for having overnight guests in a small space, that I found in an article on Home Your Way:

– Consider your lifestyles – If you or your kids are early risers, you may want to let your guests sleep in your room and you and your family camp-out in the living room.  If your guests are early risers, or prefer to be near the TV, let them have the living room.  An inflatable air mattress can be an affordable and comfortable option, and it folds down to a small area for storage.

– Be creative – To keep their items out-of-the-way, maybe clear some space on an end-table or desktop to use as a luggage stand.  If you have a little extra closet space, let them hang some items and use the floor below it.

– Basket for toiletries – Provide your guests with a basket to keep everything together, and make it easier for them to carry their items back and forth between their suitcase and the bathroom.  Or set the basket somewhere in the bathroom (on the counter, floor, in a cupboard, or on a shelf) so they can use it conveniently while they are visiting.

It also helps to have a sense of humor about the situation.  My oldest friend Dannica (she hates it when I call her that!  🙂  What I really mean is the friend I have had the longest) visited a couple of weeks ago.  She has stayed in the pink trailer a few times.  It always gets crowded and messy, but we don’t care.  We have to crawl over the bed to get from one side of the room to the other if we are both trying to get ready.  The hot water runs out quickly and we have to patiently wait for showers.  The kitchen sink is invariably full, and the counters cluttered.  But we don’t care.  We are having a great visit, and that’s all that matters!  After all, when Dannica visits, she’s there to see me, not to experience luxury accommodation.  And although the pink trailer is pretty luxurious, that’s just an added bonus!  😉


Dannica and I, 30 years ago.  Ahem, I mean 20 years ago!  😉


Dannica and I today.  I think we’re cuter now, don’t you??

Rebecca Knabe

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Posted by Rebecca

A couple of nights ago I finally got around to recovering the seats of my dining room chairs.  I bought my dining room set years ago at a yard sale for $30.  It had 6 chairs and 2 leaves to extend the table.  It was painted the current color shortly after I got it, and I have since sold two chairs to fit it more comfortably in my tiny home.

The seat bottoms have always been a dingy beige velvet-type fabric, and I’ve never liked it.  A friend recently gave me a large piece of fabric that tied in some of the colors in my home.  So I bought myself a manually powered staple gun and got to work.

It was a tedious task that took an entire evening.  I also learned that Cassi is terrified of the staple gun.  It’s not particularly loud, but something about it caused her to attempt to climb onto my lap several times during the process.  She’s 80 lbs.  It did not work well.

But we both got through it, and I am thrilled with the results.  See for yourself….





Up close:


The set now feels fresh, clean, and stylish.  What a difference!  I know it seems like a strange mix of colors, but my curtains are the same dark green (if you look to the left of the top two photos, you can see my curtains in the reflection of the mirror), I have that large red mirror by the table, and I have hot pink cushions on my couch; and I think the combo is dreamy.

Rebecca Knabe

Teardrop Trailers

Posted by Rebecca

A couple of months ago I posted a picture of this little teardrop that I saw while on a run one morning.


These are the cutest little trailers, and the kind of thing I would consider looking into if I was ever in the market.  It’s like an upgrade from a tent, but still requires some “roughing it.”  Typically the inside compartment is a bed, and the back of the trailer opens up to a small kitchen area, often complete with a mini fridge/cooler and some sort of stove.

I came across a blog recently, called tiny yellow teardrop, about the blogger’s travels with her own teardrop, Sunflower, and other teardrops she encounters along the way.  In addition to lots of photos, the blog includes pros and cons of a teardrop trailer, winterizing suggestions, and stories of other teardrop owners.

Whether or not you are thinking about looking into owning a teardrop of your own, check out her blog for some small-space-dwelling inspiration.

Rebecca Knabe

The Eight-Week Home Cure – The End of Week 8

Posted by Rebecca

A couple of weeks have gone by.  They’ve been busy ones!  I caught a cold, had a visit from my childhood friend, Dannica, and suffered (not really) through a big wind and rain storm, among many other things.  One thing that did not keep me busy, however, was my Week 8 tasks.  I’m a slacker.  I admit it.

Week Eight:

Vacuum your entire home and clean all windows, inside and out if possible.  Vacuum, yes.  Windows, no.  But I really do need to do this.  However, the grime, dust, street pollution stuck to my windows adds a little privacy in my tight living quarters.  The neighbors are hard pressed to successfully see what I’m doing with all that gunk on the glass.  Hmmmmm, maybe I’ll keep it that way….

Do a final purge and empty the Outbox.  I did a small purge and off-loaded a few items.  But my outbox seems to be a revolving door.  I’m always sticking something in there.  Like last night.  I bought a pretty new alarm clock this weekend, and put the old, ugly digital one in the outbox.  I’m going to keep it in the outbox for a while and not get rid of it quite yet, because, lo and behold, I found out this morning my pretty clock doesn’t have a snooze button.  Oh the humanity!!  I’m not sure I can live with this.

Remove your shoes when at home.  I’m Canadian, and that’s just what we do.  Always.

Buy fresh flowers.  Duh.  😉

Cook and eat at home, plan the week ahead, and wake early for a bath.  I’m good at cooking and eating at home.  Sometimes my “cooking” is no more than microwaving nachos, and sometimes it involves chopping, peeling, sauteing, braising, and seasoning.  I have a general idea of my plan for the week.  But it does not involve an early bath.

Thanks for bearing with me through 8 (ok, 9) weeks of the Home Cure.  I got a lot of great feedback from those who loved the weekly guidelines for organizing your life.  I also got feedback (from my brother) that it was time for the Cure to be over, and regular blogging to resume.  I’ve seen my brother’s dorm room before.  I know he would benefit from the Cure more than anyone I know.  But like they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it downsize, organize, clean, and tidy its tiny place.  Or something like that.


My messy brother and I.

Rebecca Knabe