Beat the Heat

A heat wave has been sweeping across the country.  Poorly insulated trailers are as uncomfortable during a sweltering summer as they are during a freezing winter.  So during the really hot days I keep my curtains closed, my swamp cooler on high, and my freezer stocked full of popsicles.  And whenever possible, I head to the water!





Rebecca Knabe


Somewhere in the Nevada Desert – Part 4

The playa makes for some pretty great dirt biking, sans too many obstacles, especially for a newbie like me.  So on the last full day of camping, the ladies took to the dirt.





Ready and hoping the winds would be down enough for a big bonfire on the last night.



A huge fire…


…And a firework show, to end our trip with a BANG.  (groan)

Rebecca Knabe

Somewhere in the Nevada Desert – Part 3

If you are wondering what one does while desert camping, let me show you….


1.  You look for shade.  If none is available, you make your own shade.


2.  You spend some one on one on one time with a few of your favorite furry friends.


3.  You dress like a space cowboy and play a lot of cards inside an air-conditioned trailer.


4.  When the air-conditioning gets to be a bit much, you scurry under a warm blanket and/or cuddle with friends.


5.  You spend a lot of time eating.  And playing the drums, of course.


6.  You take advantage of your front row seat for the setting of the sun.


7.  You planet-gaze….  That’s Venus up there.

Rebecca Knabe

Somewhere in the Nevada Desert – Part 1

A playa is also known as an alkali flat or a desert basin that periodically fills with water to form a temporary lake.  The playa we visited last week had no water in sight.  It’s located somewhere in Northern Nevada, not too far from Black Rock – the playa made famous by the annual Burning Man Festival.

This desert get-away was a lot quieter, with a lot fewer people than Burning Man….  It consisted of 5 trailers, 5 tents, a van, 14 adults, 6 kids and 5 dogs.  My friends have been doing this trip for years, but this was the first time I joined them.

I love the desert!  And this trip was testament to the great beauty of the desert….


Bumpy dirt roads wound us through the desert to our destination.


Finally the playa.



Scouting out the camp spot.


Stormy skies are moving in.


The dry lakebed, and not-yet-dirty feet.


That big flash of light is lightning, and the thick band of grey above it is cloud.  We had the most amazing lightning shows the first two nights.  There is nothing quite like watching huge storms from the playa.


Rebecca Knabe

And Then There Was One

Posted by Rebecca

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may remember Tanille.  She was the other one of the “Two Chicks Making Trailer Living Chic.”  Tanille and I started this blog together 2 years ago, shortly before her and her husband, and their awesome trailer made it on the Nate Berkus show.

Several months ago Tanille decided to stop blogging.  She had enjoyed her run, but was busy travelling, volunteering in Bible education work, and doing the kind of things you have more time and money to do when you live in an extra small space.

Yes, she still lives in her trailer.  Yes, it is still fabulous.  And yes, we are still great friends.  In fact, we were just camping in the desert together last week.


See, here we are in the middle of the desert!

So I have finally updated the “About” page, and adjusted the Two Chicks descriptive.  She may pop in from time to time, but this blog is now officially a one-woman-show.  So enjoy, and feel free to give me any feedback, comments, or ideas for blogging.  And thanks for all your support, and for reading!

Rebecca Knabe


Foodie Fridays is Back

Posted by Rebecca

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to get out of the Pink Trailer, and head over to Reno Street Food in Idlewild Park for an evening of food prepared in other people’s trailers.  All you need to bring are blankets, chairs, a little cash, and lots of friends.  There is a playground, a train, and lots of open grass to keep the kids busy, while the adults can enjoy some great food, drink, music and a little shopping.

The line-up varies each Friday, but the choices are always delicious.  And if you can’t make it this Friday, the trucks and trailers will be back every Friday until October.





For a more urban scene, check out Food Truck Fridays downtown, on the first and third Friday of every month through the summer.  If less kids and louder music in a bustling part of Reno sounds more like your thing, this will be right up your alley.

Rebecca Knabe