Happy Long Weekend!

I recently read that August is like the Sunday of summer.  If that’s the case, Labor Day weekend is like the last few hours of Sunday evening.  The weather is often lovely in September, but the nights are cool and fall is lingering in the air.  You can just feel it.

For some the long weekend is an exciting vacation, for others it’s a relaxing staycation.  For me?  I’m going to Canada for the first time in a few years, to visit a few of my favorite friends.  Going home for Labor Day weekend.  I’m so excited, I’m practically jumping out of my skin!

So enjoy your weekend.  Try to pack in some excitement and some relaxation, and maybe even a day or two at the lake….  Here are some recent photos of my favorite lake.  🙂








Rebecca Knabe


Reno Lately

Here are some photos that I’ve taken around town in the last few weeks….

A little bit of lake jumping at Frenchmans.

A little bit of lake jumping at Frenchmans.

Enjoying the local trails at Caughlin Ranch.

Enjoying the local trails at Caughlin Ranch.

Morning sunflowers.

Morning sunflowers.

Beautiful trailer park sunsets.

Beautiful trailer park sunsets.

More smoky sunsets.

More smoky sunsets.

Watching the sun set behind the Sierra Nevada's.

Watching the sun dip behind the Sierra Nevada’s.

Reflective ponds at dusk.

Reflective ponds at dusk.

Rebecca Knabe

Holy Smoke!

If you live in the Northern California/Northern Nevada area, or have friends that do, your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed is probably blowing up with hazy photos of the horrendous smoke in the air.  It is coming from the Rim Fire in Yosemite, that is currently burning over 105,000 acres and is only 2% contained.

The smoke is permeating everything – our clothes, our hair, our homes.  Outdoor exercise is not an option, and for many of us, neither is a headache-free day.

For the first time ever, the citizens of Reno are praying for wind.  Lots and lots of wind, so we can all breathe again.


The mid-day sun.

The mid-day sun.


There is one up-side, however.  It does make for the most magnificent sunsets!


Rebecca Knabe


Do you have any friends that you feel like you’ve known forever?  I have a few.  They know me well, they’ve met my family,  they understand where I come from and where I want to go, they can read me like a book, we have history.

One of those friends is Natasha.  We met about a million years ago – ok maybe it was about 17 years ago – and we are still in each other’s lives.  We came to be roommates in Bend, Oregon in the late 90’s, and now, several years later, we’re trailer-park-mates.  She lives right next door to me.  It’s almost like living together, just without getting on each other’s nerves.  Perfect scenario.

That's me in the center, on the chair.  Natasha is on my right, holding the kid.  The 5 of us lived in a small 2 bedroom house.

That’s me in the center, on the chair. Natasha is on my right, holding the kid. The 5 of us lived in a small 2 bedroom house.

I'm the wench, Natasha is the gypsy.  Renaissance Fair 1997.

I’m the wench, Natasha is the gypsy. Renaissance Fair 1997.

That's us strolling around Athens, Greece in 2000.

That’s us strolling around Athens, Greece in 2000.

This past week, Natasha staked a claim in epic-friend status by helping me build a 242 square foot outdoor paver patio.  Neither of us have attempted this before, so I googled like mad, and with a ton of hard work and sweat, somehow we pulled it off.  I’m pretty sure I owe her a beer or two….




I’m pretty sure we’re Supergirls.  You can almost see our capes under our dresses….


Rebecca Knabe

The 26 Stages of Taking Up Running


If you’ve ever, or never, considered taking up running, or you’re like me and never imagined you’d be a “runner,” but suddenly find yourself budgeting to get a second pair of running shoes so you can alternate between runs, this entertaining article will strike a chord….

The 26 Stages of Taking Up Running



Rebecca Knabe

Trailer Pick of the Day – Canadian Camper

The camping season in northern Canada is short, but if you have a cozy trailer to keep you warm at night, you can make it last a little longer.  This little 1965 Airstream Globetrotter recently took its family camping at Bakers Narrows in northern Manitoba.


Thanks to my friend, Kristy, for letting me share.

Rebecca Knabe

Living Large in a Small Space, According to the Pros

The March 2007 issue of Metropolitan Home magazine featured several articles on small space living.  Included were tips from designers, architects, and authors on how to make the most of your tiny space.  Enjoy their clever ideas….

James Gauer – Try to let the eye see as much of the floors, walls and ceilings in order to increase the visual space of a room.  Keeping colors the same on these planes, especially from one room to another will help.

Abbey Francis – Make as many furnishings as possible do double duty, like changing tables worked into bookshelves, and beds with built-in storage drawers.

Dan Shipley – Think of the space as an asset that does not necessarily need filling.  Natural light is the least expensive and best furnishing any room can have.


David Droese – Careful planning of every cabinet, closet and storage area can’t be stressed enough.  Get creative and look for any pocket of unused space for additional storage.  And weed out anything nonessential.

Todd Walker – If you have high ceilings, take advantage of the volume of the area; store things up, and consider a small loft.  Sheer curtains offer privacy while maintaining a sense of openness.

Paul Draper – Changing elements seasonally offers the experience of having two different rooms.  This could include decorative elements, as well as furniture structure and hardware.

Marlon Blackwell – Choose design elements that create a sense of order, expressive character, and imagination.  Openings for light and view are essential – they extend the perception of space beyond walls.  Vertical storage makes the best use of a room’s volume.

Rene Gonzalez – Bringing the landscape and the sky inside a space both expands and connects it to its surroundings.  The concept of reflectivity aids this connection.  Mimic colors from outside, bring in natural light, and connect your outdoor and indoor living spaces.


Paul Latham – Consolidate and simplify.  Group objects together while leaving some spaces clear.  Hang a mirror opposite a window wall to visually open the space.

Paul Field – Consider pocket doors to save space, and suspended vanities and credenzas so your eye can move below the space without stopping at their base.

Laurie Smith – When using dark wall paint, contrast it with light furniture.  They become focal points while the corners of the room are blurred with the dark colors.  These focal points enliven and open a space much like a window.

Brian Hughes – Since you don’t need as many furnishings in a small space, buy great quality, comfortable furniture that you love, and that perform multiple functions.

Not all these suggestions are needed, but pick one or two of your favorites and give it a try.  Let me know if something works well for you, or if you have other ideas of your own!  🙂

Rebecca Knabe