5 Small Space Reminders

Yesterday morning’s Daily Shot With Ali Wentworth on Yahoo was an interview with Maxwell Ryan, the Apartment Therapy blog guy.  He gave 5 quick tips for thriving in a small space, and he reminded us, “It’s not the square footage that makes it feel small, but a sense of smallness, or the way your eye moves about the room.”

1.  Have breathing room.  If your book shelf holds 30 books, only put 25 on it.  Don’t fill it up.  Declutter.

2.  Lighting.  There needs to be 3 points of light in every room.  Your eye removes shadowed areas, so to see the entire room, it needs to be lit.

3.  Add some color to white paint to bring a soft hue into your room.  Light colors expand and dark colors contract, so using an “off-white” paint brings in light and color.

4.  Take doors off whenever possible.

5.  Add vertical elements to accentuate height.  Use floor to ceiling elements, like curtains or bookshelves to draw the eye up.

See the whole interview here.

Dornob Solo Shelter

Rebecca Knabe



Sunrise at Virginia Lake

Early October saw some truly awesome sunrises at Virginia Lake.  It’s like a reward for getting up before the sun, and a motivation to do it again soon.




It looks like the ducks are enjoying the scenery too.


Rebecca Knabe


Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it,

and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth

seeking the successive autumns.

~ George Eliot


I have a love/hate relationship with autumn.  I love the intense color and beauty of the season.  But it is also the threshold to winter and cold, and the pink trailer and I aren’t as happy during those months.

But for now let’s just enjoy the lovely parts of this time of year….

Red sky at night, sailors’ delight; red sky in morning, sailors’ warning.  This time of year, red sunrises are sure to mean a blustery day.


But there are some spectacularly clear days too.


Leaves and grasses give us one bright splash of color before hiding away for the rest of the year.





Happy Autumn!

Rebecca Knabe


Lake Tahoe Half Marathon Round 2

September was a busy running month for me.  Two weeks after the Emerald Bay trail run I found myself doing this.

Last year I ran the Lake Tahoe Half Marathon, and this year I decided to do it all over again.  This was my fourth half marathon.  And while I didn’t do my personal best time, I improved my time greatly from last year, and I completed the race with much less difficulty than usual.  So woohoo!


The race wasn’t complete without a piper to start it all off….


The first big challenge was the aptly named Hill From Hell.  500 foot elevation gain in 2 miles.  UGH!


But another visit with the piper was enough to keep me going.


The scenery was lovely as always as well.


And the best part of all?  When it was finally all over.  🙂


Rebecca Knabe

Emerald Bay Trail Run

On September 14th I ran my first ever trail race.  It was a lovely 7.5 miles around Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe.  The race was quite challenging, but absolutely beautiful.  And any race that offers free beer at the finish line is a great race in my books.

The early drive up to Tahoe was well worth the lack of sleep, as I got to enjoy the stunning sunrise.


The starting line remained elusive until the last few minutes before the race began.  Many of us were wandering around the general area where we thought the race would probably begin when a truck pulled up, a man got out, and drew the official starting line on the road with a piece of chalk.


I had never seen Emerald Bay from lake level before, as the road that winds around it is several hundred feet above the shore.  So this was a real treat.



When I wasn’t distracted by the beauty of the lake, I was enjoying the interesting rock formations, and the even more interesting rock art.



While I certainly didn’t finish first in the race, I didn’t come in last and I didn’t get lost or fall over.  Success!


Rebecca Knabe