Lighten Up

Posted by Rebecca

I got inspired during a visit to Tanille’s tiny home a few weeks ago.  She had switched her beautiful, but dark living room curtains for light ones; and it opened up, and brightened up the place so much that I had to try it myself.

I found some pretty shower (yes, shower) curtains at World Market that I loved and would do the trick.  They are fully fabric, and the thing I like about shower curtains is they are wider than regular curtains, so fewer panels are needed.  The only caution is they aren’t as long, so they work best behind furniture.

Notice the difference from my old heavy curtains, to my lighter set.  It feels so bright and cheery, and perfect for summer!  And I feel like I have a whole new living room!



Another bonus to this type of change is it feels like you’ve redecorated, but with very little expense or work.  My furniture does not rearrange well in my trailer.  My couch is huge and very deep, but I love it and won’t get rid of it.  So the front end of the trailer is the only place it fits (believe me, I tried about 174 other locations).  This change of window covering adjusts the light levels of the room, and makes the huge change that you feel when you’ve moved furniture.

I did the same thing in my bedroom last winter.  I thought I needed to immediately darken the wall color after hanging these new white curtains, but I still haven’t painted, and now that I’m used to the change I love it – with or without darker walls.





And that’s how you do a cheap and easy, light and bright summer makeover!  😉

Rebecca Knabe


My Magnificent 1958 Mayflower

Posted by Rebecca

Thanks so much to Crystal at Mobile Home Living for featuring me and my “Magnificent 1958 Mayflower” on her website on Monday.  It was really exciting to see my home through someone else’s eyes.

Read the full article and interview here.  And while you’re there, take a look around at her website.  It’s great!

Rebecca Knabe

Manny’s Home Sweet Home

Posted by Tanille

Well Manny is finally getting settled and life seems to be calming down for us, at least today.  Not everything is done in his trailer but it’s definitely livable, he’s pretty comfortable, and we are taking the weekend off.  Enjoy the pics!

Kitchen Before.  Remember the Pepto – Pink!

Kitchen in the works. . .

Kitchen After

Bathroom Before

And after

Living Room Before

Getting There. . .


Bedroom Before

And After.  The painting didn’t get finished, but at the beginning of this day the room didn’t have drywall.

This was a challenge because I was decorating for someone else this time, and there are things that I would have liked to have done differently.  When I would ask him what he wanted in his new little house he didn’t get me much feedback. Except it had to be cheap, and his favorite color is brown.  Sooo. . . this is what he got and he’s actually happy with it.  It also had to be wheelchair accessible.  Normally I wouldn’t put all of the furniture against the walls, but I had no choice.  Once again, we were able to find a lot of materials from Habitat for Humanity and craigslist.  So overall, it was pretty cheap.

One More.  The outside before.

And After.

– Tanille Leal