The Eight-Step Home Cure – The End of Week 2

Posted by Rebecca

How was week 2?  Did you give it a try?  Here’s how it went for me….

Week Two:

– Fix one thing in your home yourself.  I completed two small projects this week.  They weren’t repairs, but a couple of things that have been left undone since I moved into the Pink Trailer 2 1/2 years ago.  I installed two strips of trim, between my kitchen and bathroom, and my bedroom and bathroom.  My entire trailer is laminate birch, and the bathroom area is laminate tiles, but the transition between the two has remained jagged and ugly until today.  I also finally screwed down my floor vents.  I’m looking forward to walking through my house without kicking a vent across the room.  But the best part?  I really did feel like Superwoman, installing stuff and drilling stuff, and walking around with a power tool.  It was awesome!

– Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food.  This was a huge job!  And I can’t believe how much expired food I had in my house.  But it is done.  And it is sparkling!

– Buy a water filter and use it.  I have a Brita filter that I’ve been using for a while and it’s great.

– Run your hand over every wall in your home.  Did you try this little assignment?  Me neither.  But I have a feeling that if I had I would have learned that all my walls are cold, drafty, and hollow.

– Clear a space for an “Outbox.”  I have one of these already, and use it all the time.

– Clear one surface and use the outbox.  I cleared the vanity in my bedroom last week, and lots of items from the kitchen this week.

– Buy fresh flowers.  I had a beautiful, huge bouquet delivered to me yesterday, from this special guy in Jamestown, NY.  Yesterday was our one year Meetaversary (we met at a wedding last year), and he sent me roses and lilies.  My favorite.

– Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home.  I searched for a recipe that would incorporate some special sea salt that I have.  My brother sent it to me last month.  It’s from Svalbard – an archipelago north of Norway – where he is living for a year.  Him and his friend, Catharina, extracted it from the sea at Longyearbyen.  Here are some photos of my amazing brother (who I love more than words can express), and the frigid and barren, but beautiful, Svalbard.

The recipe that I tried is also below.  It was delicious, and a perfect complement to my special sea salt.

Maple Roasted Salmon with Sea Salt

Yield: 4 servings


  • 1 teaspoon Coarse Sea Salt
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cracked black pepper
  • 4 (6-ounce) Norwegian salmon fillets
  • 1/4 cup all-natural maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup Dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh dill
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided


  1. Preheat oven 400° F.
  2. Combine Coarse Sea Salt, brown sugar, and black pepper, and mix thoroughly. Rub salmon with brown sugar mixture making sure to use all of the mixture. Let stand 30 minutes.
  3. Combine maple syrup, mustard, and dill in a small mixing bowl, and set aside.
  4. Coat bottom of a baking pan with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Place salmon in pan, and drizzle with remaining olive oil. Bake for 12 minutes or until desired temperature.      Remove from baking pan, and drizzle salmon with maple mustard dill sauce.      Serve immediately.

This recipe was awesome!  Try it.

Rebecca Knabe


Lake Extravaganza – Tahoe! Days 1 & 2

Posted by Rebecca

I’ve lived in a couple of places in my life that just felt like home.  Not because I was from there, or raised there, or even because I lived there for long, but because I just had that feeling inside where all the pieces fell together and I was home.

The first place like that was Jasper, Alberta.  I lived there in my late-teens/early twenties.  If you’ve never been, at the very least google it.  The scenery is breathtaking, the mountain air is crisp and clean, and it is like no other place in the world.

The second was the west-side of Bend, Oregon.  I lived in Bend from 1996-2005, but it was my years on the west-side of town that felt right.  It feels like this quaint mountain-y community where everybody knows your name.

The final place that gives me that “home” feeling is Lake Tahoe.  I love it there.  My heart feels happy when I visit.  And I love that it is a mere 30 minute drive from the pink trailer.

So my lake extravaganza last week continued on with 4 days at Sugar Pine Point State Park campground.  The days were filled with swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, reading, sunning, eating (lots of eating), friends, family and fun.  Here are some pics of days 1 & 2.

The first view of the lake, on the first day of the trip.  Ahhhhhhhhh….

Ehrman Mansion – on the banks of the lake, overlooking the water.

The sun peeking through the trees.

Day 2 lunch preparations – fresh ceviche.

Here’s how we made it:

Chop green cabbage, cucumbers, tomatos, avocado into fairly uniform small pieces

Mix in fresh shrimp and crab (or fake crab – that’s good too)

Top with lots of cilantro and fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice and a little salt and pepper

Mix well and let it sit for a bit

Enjoy with tortilla chips or tostada shells


Me and Erica enjoying the sun.

I need to make friends with someone who owns a Lake Tahoe sailboat….

Usually, one of my favorite things is jumping off the dock into the water.  But this year it was out of commission, due to a gnarly winter storm that literally broke the dock.

The evenings were spent sitting around the fire and having lightsaber tournaments.  🙂

Rebecca Knabe

Tomatoes and Chives and Other Green Things

Posted by Rebecca

I’m growing stuff.  It’s very exciting!

Two years ago I bought some tomato seeds and Jiffy pellets for planting.  But for two years I have waited too long and missed my chance.  So last week I followed the directions and planted the seeds, and guess what??  They are growing!

This probably isn’t an amazing feat for most – like my dad, who works magic in the garden.  When I was growing up we always had fresh produce in the summer, and armfuls of blooms all over the house.  It was lovely.  The only things I can successfully grow are dandelions and crab grass.  Well, until now!  Because I’m growing tomatoes.

And I’m growing herbs.  I had an impulse buy at Lowe’s recently.  Right next to the check-out were these herb kits with cute galvanized pots, soil and seeds, all in one.  I was still on my tomato high, so I plunked down the $6.98 (big spender) and bought it.  And guess what??  They are growing too!

So now I’ve got a mini kitchen garden with tomatoes and chives and some other green things – probably basil or oregano, I don’t remember.  The third herb in the kit – parsley, I think – hasn’t sprouted yet, but I haven’t given up hope.  I keeping my fingers crossed, and my toes and arms and legs, because I have a feeling this growing thing is going to work out just fine.

If I get some tomatoes I’ll be making my favorite salsa recipe.  It was shared with me by my friend, Amber, and now I’m sharing it with you….

The Best Salsa Ever!

About 8 Garden Fresh Tomatoes

2 Bunches of Cilantro

Half an Onion (I use just a bit of onion powder instead because I’m allergic to raw onions)

Jalapenos (I use about 7 to make a spicy salsa – adjust to your taste)

One 28oz. Can of Plain Tomato Sauce

Salt to Taste.

Chop tomatoes, jalapenos and half-onion in half.  Add half of all ingredients to the blender.  (there were way too many “half”s just then)  Blend first batch, then second batch.  I dump both batches into a bowl, mix, and check if I need more salt.  Yeah, that’s it.  It lasts about a week in the fridge, if you can manage to keep it around that long.  Enjoy!!

Rebecca Knabe