Hi There!

Well, I figured I better write a little something today….  I was quoted in an article at ozy.com.  Kind-of quoted, really.  A writer from the on-line magazine had called me several months ago because they were doing a piece on ‘tiny houses.’  I let them know that although the tiny house movement seemed very similar to living in a trailer and actually liking it, the two are not the same.

Tiny home people tend to have money and time to invest in their endeavor.  They are making the choice to live there in order to simplify, leave a smaller carbon footprint, or just see if they can do it – one of those things that just sounded like a good idea at the time.

People who find themselves living in a trailer suddenly, in their 30’s or 40’s, because of their job situation, a bankruptcy, a divorce, or a lousy decision, but who still consider themselves contributing members of society, and maybe even a bit stylish, are the ones who choose to make the most of a crappy situation.

That’s where my friends and I fit in….  It’s been 5 years since my life took a turn for the worst, and although moving into a run-down trailer was pretty much my only option at the time, it has truly been an awesome decision.  I love my tiny little trailer!  Sure it has some quirks about it that you don’t find in a stick-built home – tiny or otherwise.  For instance, a few months ago when the pipe going into the back of my toilet decided to break free from the constraints of toilet-tank life and shoot water all over my home, only the flooring in half of my place was ruined (because the pink trailer is not even slightly level).  But I love my tiny home.


In fact I love it so much, that when I got married (yes, married) 9 months ago, he moved from upstate New York into the pink trailer.  So now instead of 450 square feet all to myself, I am sharing it.  But so far so good, I dare say he even likes it a little bit (he has never ever lived in a trailer before).


So a lot has happened in the year I’ve been missing from my blog – I got engaged, married, went to Canada, Fiji, San Francisco, upstate New York, and Denver, and even had some house guests along the way.  Things are good, and the trailer is still as quirky as ever.  🙂



Rebecca Knabe Conti


24 thoughts on “Hi There!

  1. Love to here you are happy ,was wondering about your disappear. Anyway because of you I got my little mobile home and I love it every single day here.

  2. Congratulations! I got married first, then wound up getting caught up in an economic downturn and moving into a trailer. Love my home, though. It frees me up to use my limited resources in other ways!

  3. found your blog referred to in an article. Read the archives and loved it!!! What you did with your home is amazing, and the life you built is phenomenal. Isn’t it funny what can come out of a bad situation, you have had a great run, no pun intended. Thanks for sharing

  4. Dear Mrs. Conti, you are a brilliant writer. Thank you for sharing. Your last 9 months have been chock-filled with adventure. So happy for you and Mr. Conti.


  5. Just started reading your blog, but enjoying it. I did it the other way around. Got married, Bought trailer, and at one point had to declare bankruptcy. Still have trailer though. Wouldn’t live in anything else. Paid for now and will stay. For what we have we couldn’t afford a stick built house, that equals. Our family doesn’t like our “trailer”. But it’s our Home Sweet Home.

  6. I’m so happy for you! You have inspired many. I got divorced after thirty years of marriage. We lived in a nice home on 17 acres. We had an old trailer on a lot that we had originally bought with the intention of living in it while we built a new home close by. Anyway, during the divorce I claimed the trailer. I really only intended to live in it for a while. To get my life together, etc….you know. Anyway, I loved it here! I love MY space. I love that being here allows me to be a bit frivolous with my retirement income rather than wondering how I’m going to pay my bills.No house payment! I brag about “Lucy” all the time. And while I don’t have a husband, nor do I want one, to share my space, I do have four little dogs and we plan on living “happily ever after.” Congrats to you!

  7. You were so missed! I’m so glad that you were off the blog grid for such happy and wonderful reasons! Yay for you. Congratulations, and please do post on occasion. Your blog was one of the very first I started following…ever! I feel like I’ve gone through some ups and downs of life with you. Happy, then sad, then happy again. All the best to you and yours. Enjoy every single second.

  8. So happy to see you back again and so happy for your incredible year! Congratulations and much much happiness!

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