Trailer Park Chic – All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Posted by Rebecca

Just wanted to share a couple of posts that I found.  Some ideas for your very own Trailer Park Chic party.  I wonder if they included boxed wine….  We have been known to harbor a box or two in our fridges and pantries at this trailer park.

The Goat: Trailer Park Chic

The Goat: Trailer Park Chic Recipes

Oh, and another, just for fun….

The Goat: Airstream Ranch

Rebecca Knabe


Can a Marriage Survive. . .

Posted by Tanille

. . . 2 remodels in 2 years?  Well, time will tell.  I’ll let you in on a little secret we have been working on.  But first why?

In February James’ mom passed away leaving his dad alone living on 5 acres about an hour away from us.  We immediately thought “he needs to move in the park with us”, but it was too much change for him.  In April he had a massive stroke and things changed.  After a couple of sketchy weeks when we thought he wouldn’t make it, his stubbornness pulled him through.  Now he is in rehabilitation learning to walk again, talk again, and soon eat again.  And we found him a trailer.  Once again, this trailer was free.  How do we keep finding them???  That will be another post.  But for now, check out the before pics. . .

We aren’t sure what tool was used to paint, but it wasn’t a paintbrush.  Creative nonetheless.

Pepto hallway

Another creative use of color

And the master suite.  Sorry for the poor quality picture, but you get the idea.  It’s possible that this was done with a yellow highlighter.  Also our favorite feature, the 3 blade ceiling fan.  I’m not sure what happened to the other 2 blades….  Either a little person lived here, or someone was decapitated.

So remember these pictures because they are a thing of the past.  We started thinking that this would be mainly cosmetic – my idea.  But he disagreed.  It’s going down to the studs.  And here we go again.

-Tanille Leal

My “Trailer Away From Trailer”

Posted by Tanille

About a month ago we purchased a 1982 19 foot Taurus travel trailer.  And it is my new favorite thing.  We just came back from a 6 day journey through Northern California to the coast and back.  We found this trailer super cheap because it has a little bit of water damage and the previous owner didn’t want to deal with it.  We thought, pffffft that’s not water damage!!  This is no big deal.  Everyone that has seen it has urged me to ‘please not re-do everything’ and I’m not.  I love it just the way it is.  I call it “campy”.  And it’s actually in great shape, except for a few spots.

So last week we loaded it up and made some minor repairs.  The confusion between what was in which trailer was comical.  We had to start calling them the “house trailer” and the “camp trailer”.

And we were off. . .

We met up with our friends who had been traveling for a few days in their sweet Westfalia.  It was great to catch up with old friends and live the “trailer life” by the beach.

My favorite camping wine.

A couple of things I have learned from this little trip.

1.  I will never again camp at a KOA.  It’s just not for us, we were the youngest people there in the oldest trailer.

2.  I have a new appreciation for Westfalias.  Very cool

3.   I think I could possibly live in 120 square feet. . . at least temporarily.  Hmmm


Toots McGee

Posted by Rebecca

It is absolutely imperative, in my opinion, that in order to have a happy and healthy home, you need to share it with someone you love – family, friends, or furry folk.  In my case, I share my home with Cassi.  She’s my trailer mate.  More of a roommate, actually because she makes sure she is always in the same room as me, and usually directly in the way.  But I love her and she loves me.  And she helps make my trailer a home.

I’m like my dad and have a million nick-names for the people and pets close to me.  My dad rarely called me Rebecca.  He usually called me Hunka-de-Munka, Maudie, Nicky and Nicky-Nock-Nocky. 

I only call Cassi “Cassi” when I want her to come.  Otherwise it’s:

Stinky Butt

Tinky Butt

Love Bug

Bumble Bee

Sweet Pea

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Princess




Toots McGee.

I also speak to her in precisely the same voice that I speak to babies.  Not sure if it’s because I view Cassi as my baby, or I view children as pets. 

My Cassi turned 10 this week.  In September she will have been with me for 10 years.  And I’m hoping to get another 10 years out of her.  We’ll see….


When I Grow Up

Posted by Rebecca

I’m pretty sure there is no child alive who has ever uttered the words, “When I grow up I want to live in a trailer in the Nevada desert.”  It’s just not done.  I grew up in Canada with both my parents, in a regular house with a couple of pets.  It was what I knew.  But sometimes life takes unexpected paths, and you end up in a strange location with a life you had never imagined.

Of the many turns my life took in 2010, the move to the trailer was one of the big ones.  I felt like such a loser to have ended up there.  Funny thing was, though, I never viewed Tanille and her husband, James, that way.  I was so proud of them for simplifying and making their life work.  And I loved their place, and wished it was me there.  However, when it really was me, I was a little horrified by my decision.  In theory, a great idea, in reality, pretty hard to swallow.

I remember before I moved into the trailer, Tanille told me, “You have to be strong to do this.”  I had no idea what she meant, and thought she was being completely mellow-dramatic.  But after a few weeks of the trailer thing, I got it.  I knew what she meant.  How you had to force yourself to not cringe when you had to tell someone you lived in a trailer park.  How you couldn’t (and still don’t really) understand why USPS insists on your address being Trlr 21 instead of #21.  How you had to verify your mailing address several times (“yes, really, it’s Trlr 21”) to your brokerage firm before they believed you.

And I know that so many really great people live in trailers, and no disrespect to them.  But I had never once, while I was growing up, been led to believe that anyone ever chose to live in a trailer.  Especially an old, tiny one.  It was more, where you ended up.

So one Saturday afternoon, during my hundreds of trips to Home Depot, I was schlepping around the store feeling especially sorry for myself.  I was standing in the middle of one of the aisles, when it suddenly dawned on me that the distance between the merchandise shelves was precisely the width of my new home.  10 feet.  A flood of emotion swept over me – I felt like a total failure.  This was not what I wanted to be at 36.  I had never once told myself, my mom, my teacher or my friends that when I grow up I want to be divorced twice, on the verge of bankruptcy and living in a single-wide trailer.  What had gone so wrong??

And then, as I raised my head, my tear-stained cheeks burning, I noticed a large slobbering Golden Retriever dragging his owner towards me.  He planted a dead stop in the aisle and released a mountain-sized steamy dump right there in the middle of the store.  The reality of the moment snapped me out of my pitiful state.  I smiled to myself and looked down at my Cassi, who wasn’t relieving herself.  And as we walked hand in leash out of the store I thought to myself, “You know what?  Things could be worse.  We are going to be ok.”


Rowdy, the Trailer-Size Dog

Posted by Tanille

This is our little buddy Rowdy.  He is the sweetest little 5 pounds you will ever meet.  Living in a small space with pets can present challenges, but he hardly takes up any room at all.

The great thing about the park that we live in is that they do allow pets, something we cannot live without.  We also have a large yard that we are able to completely fence in.  Perfect for pets and perfect for parties.  Even more perfect for pets who like to party. . .

For Rowdy 360 square feet of house is a mansion!  He seems quite comfortable here . . .

Maybe too comfortable. . . So we added a  little “Chaos”